Burgers & Sandwiches

Served with house chips, a pickle, lettuce, tomato and onion.
Substitutions for fries of choice, or other sides available for an additional charge. Ask your server!

Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger 11.50 Fresh veggie burger, grilled or fried, served w/ LTO, other toppings – ask server!

Plain Jain Burger

Plain Jain Burger 11.50 Juicy fresh burger, cooked to temp of choice


Cheeseburger 12.95 Juicy burger, melted cheese of your choice (American or Cheddar)

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon Cheeseburger 13.50 Juicy burger, melted cheese and plenty of crispy bacon

Mac and Cheeseburger

Mac and Cheeseburger 13.95 Juicy burger, melted cheese topped with our house mac & cheese

Hog Burger 13.95

Hog Burger 13.95 13.95 Juicy burger, melted Cheddar cheese topped with pulled pork

Smokehouse Burger

Smokehouse Burger 13.95 Juicy burger, melted Cheddar cheese, loaded with barbecue and topped with bacon

Southern Style Hog Burger

Southern Style Hog Burger 14.50 Our biggest burger offering! Juicy burger, topped with Cheddar cheese, pulled pork and homemade coleslaw

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich 13.95 Slow smoked tender pork, with sauce of your choice

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